About Us

About Us

Welcome to the world of BLINGdom by Lyn

Mid-2005 I started making some jewellery for myself and loved it! Later that year I had brain surgery and found that I had lost some use of my fine motor skills so I took up jewellery making again to try and help with the problem. I was pleasantly surprised as to how much it helped, and so I kept making more and more pieces until I had more than I could ever wear. Friends would drop in to visit me, as I could not drive, and they would go through my collection to see what was new. Many bought some things from my range and others would call me on the phone and say they had just bought a new dress to wear to a special event and asked if they could call in and get something to go with it, if they didn’t find what they had in mind, I would make something to suit.

After a short time I realised that this could be a great small business idea for me, doing something I loved and to be able to express my creative flair again. I asked my daughter to think of an idea for a name for my business and that is when BLINGdom was born in January 2006.

Someone suggested to me that maybe I could do a “Party Plan” as they had friends that loved their pieces that I had made for them. Once I was able to drive again I was out on the road selling my jewellery to people I had never met before and I was loving all the challenges that came with it. I still do Party Plans as it is a way for hostess’ to be able to have some friends around and get BLINGdom Rewards for having the party and for the sales on the day. I am based on the Gold Coast but do travel to the Brisbane area for parties.

All the pieces are handmade one-off designs, from the elegant, to traditional, or funky  designs. They are all made with love and care from a great range of materials such as Swarovski crystal and pearls, diamantés, pearls, gemstones, and glass and metal beads. Range consists of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bookmarks and mobile phone trinkets. I also specialise in unique wedding and formal jewellery pieces.