Care of Jewellery

 Care of your BLINGdom Jewellery

You have purchased a fashion accessory which requires some amount of care to maintain its beauty and wearability.

When worn against the skin, wipe with soft cloth to remove perfume, fingerprints, body lotions and acid from skin.

Clean gently, never brush as stones loosen stones and settings. Never use detergents, ammonia, alcohol or jewellery cleaners as these are far too abrasive.

Always put jewellery on 10-15 minutes after applying perfumes, hairspray and make-up. Never wear while swimming or in the shower.

Store pieces in the bag supplied and never throw or store pieces in a jewellery box where it may be scratched.

All BLINGdom products are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

Please see return policy.

The guarantee does not cover faults from loss, accidental damage or mistreatment, modifications to design or damage from perfume, hairspray, water or other agents.



The measurement of a necklace is taken from the edge of the hook to the loop in a straight line. The drop is from the centre of the necklace to the end of the pendant, or from the bottom of the hook to the end of the pendant of an earring. Bracelets will be listed as the size of the wrist it will fit as the actual length of the bracelet will be larger.


Sale items

Postage and handling: $10AUD anywhere in Australia for up to 200grams per package, Regular Post.

                                         : $15AUD Registered Post Australia wide.